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Facebook bots


Over 100.000 companies now have Facebook bots.

Canada’s Rogers experienced a 60% increase in costumer satisfaction after adding a Facebook bot to their Facebook page.

Sephora saw an 11% increase in booked sessions after adding a bot to their Facebook page.

We'll develop a chatbot for your company Facebook page. Whether you want a friendly helper to take care of the first line of support on Facebook or you need a new way of helping users finding what they are looking for, we've got exactly what you need. 

Still not convinced? Head over and read our blog post about why your company needs a bot:

Artificial Intelligence


Our bots are intelligent

We use IBM Watson as our AI platform. This gives us the widest range of AI tools on the market, including:

Natural Language Understanding: By analyzing language, we can pin-point emotional spikes in messages, analyze which concepts and keywords your customers are mentioning the most and much more.

Visual Recognition: If your bot uses images, we can classify the content of the images. Use cases could be finding recipes by taking a picture of a food item or finding pictures of certain motives by browsing the internet.

Conversation: Watson allows us to build complex conversational flows for your bot. Your bot will be able to understand the users intent no matter how the user choses to phrase the message. By creating complex flows, we can make sure your users feel engaged and come back.

Personality Insights: The data that the bot gathers from messages and interactions is valuable. When data is gathered, we can use Watson to analyze the personalities of your customers. This means we can create accurate profiles and recommend different marketing strategies to different profiles.

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